There are many reasons that you might want to buy an electric bike. Using an electric bike can be cheaper than public transport and driving, keeps you fit, and make longer commutes easier. Electric bikes are powered by a battery and give you a boost as you pedal. There are many different ways to find and buy or make an electric bike that meets your requirements. Here we will review a number of ways that can be used:

Buy electric bike

Buy an e-bike online:

Buying a bike online might seem a bit strange at first, but with the good online customer service, it can be less challenging compared to the shopping from a store. You can check all the reviews and choose the suitable bike for your needs. After receiving the bike at your doorstep, if you do not feel that you have made the right choice, you can return the product. There are various websites that can be used for buying an e-bike, a number of the main websites are introduced below:

Amazon: The place to buy everything, including electric bikes! There is a good selection of electric bikes available on amazon: electric bikes on Amazon.

Electric Bike Sales: Electric Bike Sales is a specialist supplier of electric bikes in the UK with a wide range of selection of e-bikes and accessories. You can choose to collect the bike from one of their stores or have the bike delivered to your address.

Convert your normal bike to an electric:Swytch How It Works

If you are a DIY person, you can buy a kit to convert your normal bike to an e-bike with a fraction of the cost.

Electric Bike Sales website has a number of options to buy a conversion kit. You can choose one of their kits here.

Swytch Bike is a start-up that offers kits to convert any bike into an eBike.

Buy from a bike shop:

You can pop in one of your local shops and have a look at the options they have and have a test ride before you decide. A list of the local shops can be found here.

Cycle to Work Scheme:

If you work for a company that take part in Cycle to Work Scheme, you can use the scheme to save some money and spread the cost over a year.

More information about the scheme can be found here

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