Commuting to work is one of the first activities you perform in a normal day, and depending on how it goes, it can affect the quality of your day. If you are one of the unlucky people who do not live nextdoor to where they work, your commuting options are driving, cycling, taking the bus / train, or running / walking. Cycling to work is becoming one of the most popular ways to commute and here I will discuss the reasons.

Exercise on The Way to Work

Cycling to / from work gives you the opportunity to fit exercise into your daily routine without you trying to make extra time for it. According to NHS , regular cycling can reduce the risk of some illnesses like heart disease, diabetes and stroke. It can also make you feel better and help you in controlling your weight.


Saving Money on Commuting and Gym Membership

You can save a fortune on the cost of public transport or driving to work and parking. Also, if you are a gym sponsor (paying the membership without using it!) you can ditch the monthly fee without feeling guilty that you’re not exercising enough. The upfront cost of buying a bike might seem a lot, but if you cycle to work regularly, the savings will easily compensate for the initial cost. There are ways to save on the cost of buying the bike; for example, some of the employees are part of the”Cycle To Work” scheme, where you can save money on a new bike and spread the cost over the year (check with your employer).

You can use Cyclescheme’s calculator¬†to see how much you could save.

Greener Way to Commute

Cycling produces minimal pollution and is an environment friendly mode of transport. Bikes reduce the need to build, service and dispose of cars. Also, cycling during peak hours would contribute to further emission reductions by reducing congestion and improving traffic flow.

For longer distances or if you feel that you need a boost in the hills, electric bikes are a good option. Electric bikes are more environment friendly than driving and public transport and you will need less effort (sweat) to get to work.

Feel Better

Starting your day with cycling will help you to boost your energy, relax and clear your head. There is no more getting stuck in traffic and looking around for a parking space, or rushing for your train and hoping that they arrive on time.

Things to Consider

Make sure that there is changing room or preferably shower in your office. Also, check the safest routes for cycling and make sure that you know the rules for cycling on the road. Where ever possible try to use dedicated cycle paths, even if it makes the distance slightly longer. If you’re buying a second hand bike, you should also consider taking the bike to a specialist for a check up and service before starting your first journey.

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